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A Complete Guide for Learning Backbone Js

Learning Backbone js In couple of days I will start a series of various tutorials for learning backbone js. Explaining the essentials of backbone js. I have divided the whole series in some 20-25 posts in which I will be explaining it from very basic examples. I will be posting the code samples in the posts itself and at the last of each post you can find out the whole source code on Github.  Pretty excited to start my first series. I hope you will like it and just keep motivating me by giving me feedback to make it better for all. Wish me good luck and stay tuned. If you haven’t subscribe for the blog, I will recommend you subscribe now :)

Here is the list of the upcoming posts for learning backbone js: (This can be changed, but I will keep it as it is.)

  1. Introduction and Installation
  2. Representing your data in javascript
  3. Defining Models in backbone js
  4. Adding Validations in models backbone js
  5. Explaining views in backbone js
  6. How to use templates in backbone js
  7. How to improve templates in backbone js
  8. Collections in backbone js
  9. Collection views in backbone js
  10. Template helpers in backbone js
  11. How to use namespace in backbone js
  12. How to handle dom events in backbone js and define your custom events (Live Demo)
  13. Routing in backbone js
  14. Building an application and explaining stuff  using a application. (This needs to be figured out. I am working on it.) (Coming Soon)

*PS: This series is not for advanced users. *